Scary Good Results in 30 Days!!

Registration ends Sept 29th! Only 20 Spots Available! Program Begins Oct 3rd!!!

Hey There!

I’m Mike, I’m the owner of NEPA Fit Club in Blakely and I’m Super excited to announce our 30-Day Lean by Halloween Challenge!

Over the next 30 days we’re going to add

rocket fuel

to your fat-loss and fitness goals.

Come experience what it's like to feel empowered instead of intimidated in the gym with custom workouts that will leave you feeling strong, fit and confident.

Don’t fall into the Dreaded  “Holiday


Year after year, everyone comes out of the summer having a little “too much fun”.

That’s when we make ourselves the promise that “we’re going to get it together”

The truth is, however, that Labor Day arrives and then we only have a few short weeks until it’s Halloween. Then before you know it…it’s the holidays …

It’s too late.

We start by “getting rid of the rest of the candy”, i.e.eating every last piece...

In the blink of an eye we’re feeling bloated at the Thanksgiving table and getting ready for Christmas cookies.

The reality is, if we don’t take action now, not only will we not get in shape, but we’ll be starting 2023 with an extra 5…10 or even 20lbs.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

That’s why we created the LEAN by HALLOWEEN Challenge .  In 4 weeks our professional team of coaches help you go into the holiday season with momentum, looking good and feeling good.

When we look good and feel good this creates a ripple effect that allows us to continue to progress and actually ENJOY the holidays


feeling guilty or frustrated!

If you are serious about looking better, feeling better and having more energy then Fill out our form on the right and click the big orange button to join our challenge! Come join our community of fit club family members who share those same goals and have your back every step of the way!